Metricwire helps organizations measure real-world experiences to inform innovative treatments, service offerings and policies that impact the outcomes that people value.

Rich In Data, Poor In Insight

Understanding the real-world problems faced by your audience requires insight into everyday life, but the data either doesn’t exist or is difficult to interpret.

Metricwire enables relevant and contextualized data collection, helping you discover powerful insights that others have missed in a shorter amount of time.

Remove The Noise

Causation Vs. Correlation

Understanding the genesis of signs, symptoms, and conditions, is paramount to creating impactful and lasting treatment policies.

Metricwire’s intelligent protocols adapt to individual behavior and context, helping you stay on the critical path to understanding what strategies work and for whom.

Follow The Evidence

Lack Of Effective Interventions

Inability to effectively monitor, assess and connect with participants during a trial leaves participants isolated, disengaged and potentially at risk.

Metricwire keeps your participants and your protocol connected through real-time access to actionable information and the world’s best digital intervention tools.

Impact Beyond The Lab


Metricwire’s technology allows your research to adapt to individual behaviour and real-world context to identify the mechanisms for change – faster.

Novel Data

  • Rich ESM/EMA features to support qualitative insights at quantitative scale.
  • Capture objective sensor data to understand the environmental aspects contributing to participant responses.
  • Run cognitive experiments and evaluate digital interventions under real world conditions.

Ecological Validity Starts In The Real World

Contextual Engagement

  • Enable questions, notifications and passive data capture based on contextual elements such as location, previous responses, passive data, dates and times or randomized options.
  • Create study protocols that adapt to individual behaviours and symptoms, and evaluate novel digital interventions.
  • Engage your audience across mobile and web devices in connected and ‘offline’ environments.

Adaptive Digital Interventions At Scale

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

  • Monitor and track all participant activity throughout the day, without influence or impact.
  • Compliance management workflows deliver actionable information to ensure participant safety, maximize response rates and keep your team on the same page.
  • Easily customize your result set and exports to minimize the time to insight.

Connected Throughout The Participant Journey

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Success Starts With Data Privacy & Security

We work with you to understand your regulatory context, meet the needs of your IRB and ultimately, build confidence & trust with your audience.

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