Treatment Compliance

Despite remaining commonplace, paper and pencil diaries hamper accurate and unbiased findings.  Leading researchers around the world are now using MetricWire to drastically increase compliance and regulatory elements.  In addition, ensuring accurate dosage adherence increases validation of the data and subsequent conclusions.


Often times medication or other forms of treatment are delivered at a primarily location (home, Dr’s office, etc).  With MetricWire, researchers create alerts, notifications and action prompts to ensure these treatments are completed as designed.  Meaning, reminders are sent and follow-up based on a participant’s response and actions, in addition to understanding the location.

Susan – Hasn’t confirmed that she’s taken her anxiety medication as prescribed.   As a result, Susan will get additional reminders and a digital intervention if she leaves the house.

This ability ensures that not only dosage adherence but also drastically increases the studies overall compliance and completion rates.

Barriers to treatment compliance and mitigation strategies

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