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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Monitoring Strategies and Interventions

With ever increasing awareness of PTSD,  Metricwire’s toolset has become irreplaceable for leading researchers in this field and others.  Research teams across the globe rely on our ‘in-the-moment’ insight capabilities to monitor real-time changes in mental health status and intervene as needed to drive successful outcomes.

The result is a connected toolset that ensures research participants from vulnerable or marginalized populations feel valued, stay engaged and know how & when to access help.


At risk audiences are far too often stranded and isolated by traditional research methods and tools. This is bad for study outcomes but more importantly, has the potential to put participants at risk. When an adverse event is reported 6 months after the event has occurred, it is too late to take meaningful action. Metricwire’s risk management tools incorporate intelligence into the study protocol to address this critical gap. With Metricwire, researchers can create sophisticated risk-identification criteria and powerful workflows to ensure risk events are communicated, prioritized and resolved rapidly.

Susan – “Today was a bad day. I am feeling hopeless and don’t want to live like this anymore.”

As a result, the following workflow is triggered:

  1. The Metricwire platform recognizes “bad day” and “hopeless” as potential crisis terms
  2. An automated phone call to Susan is initiated. The call delivers instructions and contact information should Susan need immediate assistance.
  3. A copy of Susan’s response and contact information is immediately sent to the Principal Investigator via email, SMS or phone.
  4. An open issue is created in the research team’s dashboard and assigned to the PI.
  5. The PI determines that, based on the additional context gleaned from the entire response set, the issues can be closed.
  6. Susan receives a follow-up push notification reminding her of the emergency and self-care resource pages, accessible anytime via the Metricwire mobile application.
  7. The research team receives a summary of the event and the steps taken by the PI in their daily report.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Monitoring Strategies and Interventions

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