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Symptom Tracking And Validation Using Contextualized Data

A clear and obvious benefit to mobile diary engagement is that researchers are able to connect with participants in the moment. Metricwire takes this further. The inclusion of Multimedia and Passive Sensors empowers subject matter experts to combine objective data with diary information to verify or refute participant reports.

In doing so, research teams are drastically improving participant engagement & data integrity, leading to more successful study outcomes. 


Relying solely on the feedback and answers of a participants can lead to skewed results due to bias, either intentional or unintentional.   With the inclusion of multimedia (images, videos, audio, PDF) and passive sensors (accelerometer, passive location tracking, etc), Metricwire offers a unique blend of participant submitted data and objective data that can supplement traditional methods.

The result is a deeper understanding of the conditions that lead to an exacerbation of symptoms, the coping strategies participants rely on most and why certain strategies are more effective than others.

Jamal – Previously experienced a burning rash and submitted a picture as part of the survey.  Now, following application of treatment and half hour timeframe, he’ll be prompted to update the symptoms and provide another picture of the rash.

Ongoing symptom tracking and validation

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