Daily Activity Monitoring And Assessment

With the growing awareness and commitment to understanding the long-term impacts of healthy living, researchers are now able to monitor, engage and intervene with audiences like never before.  Metricwire facilitates these goals by seamlessly connecting technology elements to the lives of everyday participants and providing tools to engage participants based on objective data.

The result is a more holistic understanding of the benefits of specific activity types, how these benefits manifest or persist, and what digital intervention strategies are most effective for different sub-populations.


Traditional engagement methods limit the scope of research.  Questions and answers are formed solely on the ability and willingness of the participant to respond accurately.  With Metricwire, researchers can objectively measure the impact of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and other daily activities rather than relying solely on the participant’s perspective. Metricwire’s trigger capabilities allow the research team to engage participants based on activity data and capture contexualized response data.

Allyson – As part of a holistic approach to monitor, measure and improve general health and wellness, Allyson answers basic questions on her phone that help gauge well-being.  Now, in addition to ecological momentary assessments, the research team uses Metricwire to track Allyson’s physical activity.

“Allyson, congrats on your 10km walk!”

30 minutes later…

“It has been 30 minutes since your walk, how are you feeling right now?”

1 day later…

“Hi Allyson!  Yesterday you felt better after your walk, why not go again right now?”

Measuring Daily Activity In Connected Environments

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