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MetricWire continues to lead research engagement for at-risk individuals and groups in treatment programs around the world.  By combining trigger technology with digital interventions, researchers are learning detailed, patient-specific information about the risk-factors and strategies for successful behavioral change.

The result is a sophisticated understanding of new causal pathways in mental health research.


As part of a recovery program, an individual is enrolled in a MetricWire powered study investigating risk-factors contributing to problem gambling.

Through this protocol, participants are asked questions and receive notifications above and beyond static and basic EMA. The research team is able to identify and specify at-risk locations, personalized to each study participant. This capability allows the research team to connect with participants in at-risk locations and deliver tailored interventional messages. Using contextualized participant response & activity data, the team is able to evaluate the effectiveness of a given intervention. The result is a deeper understanding of the conditions that may trigger addictive behaviors and the most impactful language for encouraging positive outcomes.

Raphael – Left the casino area after receiving an interventional notification describing the negative ways gambling had impacted his life. From this logic and learning, all future engagements will follow this successful model.

George – Ignored the message the first time, staying to gamble.  The next time he read the interventional notification offering encouragement for his progress towards his treatment goals, he left the casino area.  We know that when he’s able to focus and engage, positive messages have the greatest impact.

Problem Gambling and digital interventions

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