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Technology is consistently growing and traditional research methods like pen and paper surveys are out of date in the mobile age.

MetricWire is a mobile data collection solution that provides researchers with the ability to log, analyze,and visualize data collected from a participant’s smartphone.

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Complete Creative Control

MetricWire gives researchers complete creative control over the design of their study. Our user-friendly interface allows researchers to design and deploy their study within minutes; no coding experience necessary. MetricWire makes mobile data collection easy.

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Mobile Data Collection: Anywhere, Anytime, In real-time

Working offline? Lose service? No problem. Our native app allows your participants to answer questions and have their data logged without the fear of losing valuable data. The mobile data collection app syncs this data once an active internet connection is re-established.

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In the Moment Insights

Get higher quality data with in-the-moment insights. Location tracking, geofencing, and time stamping are at your disposal. The app automatically logs and organizes the data for you; hassle free. MetricWire provides deep, qualitative, in-the-moment insights into the everyday activities of your participants: a distinct advantage over traditional research methods like pen and paper.

In a world that increasingly recognizes the value of analytics and “big data”, MetricWire does not just analyze existing data, it generates new longitudinal data that is not otherwise easily available.

Larry Smith

Adjunct Professor, Economics; President, Essential Economics Inc.

In our last major study using signal contingent method, funded by SSHRC, about $190,000 of the $320,000 research grant went to covering the costs of collecting data from 220 adolescents and one of their parent... Using MetricWire could have reduced the complexity of the data collection process and the expense by at least 60%"

Roger Mannell

Professor Emeritus, Past Dean, Applied Health Sciences

I have seen demonstration projects with similar intention as MetricWire a few years ago, but the level of technology, design sophistication, and ease of use of use of MetricWire is far superior."

Stephen Smith

Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies; Acting Chair, Canadian Tourism Commission Research Committee

With the help of MetricWire, we are in the process of developing an assessment tool that would collect data from participants, and overlay those responses with their GPS and time stamps. With this information we would be able to identify those moments when a person is in an at-risk location/time."

Omid Fotuhi

Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology

MetricWire technology is perfect for teachers who are looking to engage pupils in academic interaction which provides independent learning for students and enables them to take ownership of this work.

Jo Ann Moore

Metricwire provides a method for secure and confidential data collection using a participant’s own smartphone. Researchers will be able to collect repeated measurements at the appropriate time rather than being recollected at a time when a participant has privacy to complete paper questionnaires or when they have private access to a computer to complete measures over the internet. Event-driven measurements are now possible in a meaningful way."

Jonathan Oakman

Researcher, Clinical Psychology

In past work, I have used simple “home-made” solutions by programming cell phones with code customized to each of my experiments. Because my laboratory does not specialize in software design, each experiment requires a new set of custom code with a narrow set of capabilities. If I had access to the type of tool being developed by MetricWire, I could develop more effective studies with a more flexible set of measures, and with considerably shortened development time."

Colin Ellard

Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience

MetricWire has developed an innovative platform that promises to bring experiential sampling into the 21st Century. This easy to use software allows researchers to capture nuances of leisure experiences using technology that people already carry and with which they are intimately familiar.”

Mark Havitz

Professor and Chair, Recreation and Leisure Studies

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